Kelly Burke

Hunting Guide & Licensed Outfitter

I am the fourth generation of a ranching family from south Valley County, once known as Faranuf, Montana. It’s not hard to imagine why we stuck around so long after you see what our backyard looks like. I grew up in the Missouri River Breaks, a great place with diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes; there was never a day, here it just seemed like there was nothing to do.

As a young hunter I loved hunting antelope and mule deer with my dad. My true hunting passion came along later in life when I was showing a couple of guys from Nevada a piece of property to hunt on and they showed me you can actually talk to elk. I am still hooked as ever on chasing and calling elk.

I started guiding hunts for my Dad’s outfitting business, Burke Ranch Outfiiters in 2000, the beginning of the best job I have had. After 18 years I still get fired up having the wind in my face chasing dinner with a great bunch of people that love it here as much as I do.

About the same time I started guiding I met my beautiful wife, Tami and future step-kids, Zach and Haley. Not long after our son Nik showed up and we grew a family and Burke Ranch Outfitters at the same time. In 2005 I took the exam to become a licensed outfitter and it has
been a great adventure all the way.

When we’re not guiding hunters we also run a family ranch that seems to be more of a lifestyle thing than an actual occupation. There are few things more rewarding than putting days of work in with family and friends.

Tami Burke

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Hunting Guide

Born and raised on a dairy farm operation outside of Pelican Rapids MN. Fall has always been my favorite season, between cheering for the Vikings and hunting season, it’s what I look forward to most each year. My passion for the outdoors started at a young age, I have great memories tagging along with my dad and older brothers on small game hunts and running the trapline. Deer hunting has always been one of the deepest rooted traditions in our family as well. In 2008 I moved to North Dakota to live and work. Living here I am able to pursue MuleDeer, Whitetail, Elk and antelope in North Dakota and neighboring Montana on an annual basis. I fell in love with North East Montana in 2011 when I experienced the rugged Missouri River Breaks for the first time. Still to this day i have not experienced a more beautiful place to hunt, fish, or just enjoy an outdoor vacation with family and friends. When I am not guiding my wife and I along with our two dogs are usually on the road somewhere visiting family or enjoying our own hunting or fishing trip somewhere across the midwest.

Leif Sorensen

Hunting Guide

My name is Leif Sorensen. I was raised in Fort Peck Montana. My childhood consisted of much of the same hunting and fishing that I live for today. I now live in Malta Montana with my Wife Avery and Son Knox. We spend a lot of our time together fishing,hunting, shed hunting and shooting etc. I love living/working in northeast Montana! One of many reasons is the people. Although there aren’t many of us the ones you find will make it worth it.

My full time job is Journeyman Lineman for a rural electric coop Big Flat Electric. I work in very wild places and spend some time scouting for Elk, Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Antelope, Turkeys and Coyotes.

I’m looking forward to working with Burke Ranch Outfitters! They are all topnotch individuals. Trust me when I say “you have to see the elk camp!” It just feels like you would think HOME! thanks for taking the time to read my bio I look forward to chatting with you all in person.

Mike Fasolino

My name is Mike Fasolino and I was raised in the Hudson valley of New York State. I spent most of my childhood carrying a gun or a fishing pole around the woods near my family’s home. My love for the outdoors and adventure grew as I got older. During High School you could find me running a trap line, chasing whitetails, hunting pheasants, grouse or fishing some of the waters this area has to offer. Looking for adventure I joined the Marine Corps and was stationed in California. I sampled the fishing and Mule deer hunting of the west for the first time. A good friend I met while in the Marines was from Missoula, Mt. and I had the opportunity to hunt there with his family. Having found a passion for hunting in the west I vowed to return to experience more of what Montana had to offer. 

Returning home I married my childhood sweetheart and helped raise two beautiful daughters. Starting a career I became Journeyman Lineman for a local utility. This career kept me outdoors and always on the lookout for another place to explore or hunt.  

A friend and I traveled to Northeast Montana and met Kelly Burke his Family and the Missouri River Breaks. In fell in love immediately with all of it. These folks are amazing and the area is as beautiful as it is vast and immense.  That was 17 years ago and each year I look forward to the trip to Northeast Montana. It has everything an outdoorsman could ask for. The amount of different species of wildlife and the scenery continue to amaze me. From my first experience hunting elk in archery season to stalking mule deer during rifle season I’m just totally hooked on it. Kelly asked me to guide a mule deer hunt and I found that getting someone close enough to a nice mule deer and experiencing their first mule deer with them was a new passion for me. I feel so grateful of the Burke family to give me the opportunity to hunt, guide, and share all this with some awesome friends. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in elk camp, (amazing) sharing stories and finding big mule deer.  

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