Burke Ranch Outfitters

Kelly Burke

I am the fourth generation of a ranching family from south Valley County, once known as Faranuf, Montana. It’s not hard to imagine why we stuck around so long after you see what our backyard looks like. I grew up in the Missouri River Breaks, a great place with diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes; there was never a day, here it just seemed like there was nothing to do.

As a young hunter I loved hunting antelope and mule deer with my dad. My true hunting passion came along later in life when I was showing a couple of guys from Nevada a piece of property to hunt on and they showed me you can actually talk to elk. I am still hooked as ever on chasing and calling elk.

I started guiding hunts for my Dad’s outfitting business, Burke Ranch Outfiiters in 2000, the beginning of the best job I have had. After 18 years I still get fired up having the wind in my face chasing dinner with a great bunch of people that love it here as much as I do.

About the same time I started guiding I met my beautiful wife, Tami and future step-kids, Zach and Haley. Not long after our son Nik showed up and we grew a family and Burke Ranch Outfitters at the same time. In 2005 I took the exam to become a licensed outfitter and it has
been a great adventure all the way.

When we’re not guiding hunters we also run a family ranch that seems to be more of a lifestyle thing than an actual occupation. There are few things more rewarding than putting days of work in with family and friends.

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