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Mike Fasolino

My name is Mike Fasolino and I was raised in the Hudson valley of New York State. I spent most of my childhood carrying a gun or a fishing pole around the woods near my family’s home. My love for the outdoors and adventure grew as I got older. During High School you could find me running a trap line, chasing whitetails, hunting pheasants, grouse or fishing some of the waters this area has to offer. Looking for adventure I joined the Marine Corps and was stationed in California. I sampled the fishing and Mule deer hunting of the west for the first time. A good friend I met while in the Marines was from Missoula, Mt. and I had the opportunity to hunt there with his family. Having found a passion for hunting in the west I vowed to return to experience more of what Montana had to offer. 

Returning home I married my childhood sweetheart and helped raise two beautiful daughters. Starting a career I became Journeyman Lineman for a local utility. This career kept me outdoors and always on the lookout for another place to explore or hunt.  

A friend and I traveled to Northeast Montana and met Kelly Burke his Family and the Missouri River Breaks. In fell in love immediately with all of it. These folks are amazing and the area is as beautiful as it is vast and immense.  That was 17 years ago and each year I look forward to the trip to Northeast Montana. It has everything an outdoorsman could ask for. The amount of different species of wildlife and the scenery continue to amaze me. From my first experience hunting elk in archery season to stalking mule deer during rifle season I’m just totally hooked on it. Kelly asked me to guide a mule deer hunt and I found that getting someone close enough to a nice mule deer and experiencing their first mule deer with them was a new passion for me. I feel so grateful of the Burke family to give me the opportunity to hunt, guide, and share all this with some awesome friends. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in elk camp, (amazing) sharing stories and finding big mule deer.  

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