Guided Antelope Hunting in Northeast Montana

Antelope Hunting

Burke Ranch Outfitters offers both Montana Archery Antelope and Montana Rifle Antelope hunts. Montana Antelope herds are very easy to locate so if one stalk doesn’t work out the next one could be minutes down the road.

Montana Archery Antelope licenses are easily obtained with a near 100% success. Montana Rifle Antelope licenses are drawn by lottery only and to a specific area.

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Guided Elk Hunting in Northeast Montana

Elk Hunting

Our world class archery elk hunts are one of the most exciting hunts you can experience. The hunts take place in the Missouri Breaks on both private and public ground. This area is located in southern Phillips and Southern Valley, which would be areas 622, 631, and 700. We hunt from our campsite which is centrally located on the private ground. Rarely do we go a day without seeing an elk.

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Guided Mule Deer Hunting in Northeast Montana

Mule Deer Hunting

Our mule deer hunts are one of the most diverse deer hunts that Montana has to offer. Because we are one of the few Outfitters licensed to operate on the CMR (Charles Russell Wildlife Refuge), we have the option of hunting by boat or 4-wheel drive. When hunting from the 4-wheel drive we will use a spot and stalk method with some hike into the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge depending on the hunters physical ability.

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